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10 Koestler art award certificates 2018

Koestler Certicate for-Painting Triple Triangle Space Scene 18 Gavin Khan-McIntyre

Koestler Cetificate Bronze Iron Man18-Mixed Media Gavin Khan-McIntyre

Koestler18 Certificate Fox-Hole -Mixed Media-Gavin Khan-McIntyre

Koestler18 Commended Award Drawing Sheep’s Skull Gavin khan-McIntyre

Koestler18 Commended Cityscape times 2

Koestler18 -Freaky TempleMixed Media -Gavin Khan-McIntyrre 19

Koestler18 Gold Painting-Hundreds and Thousands Gavin Khan-McIntyre 19

Koestler18 Platinum Watcolour and Gouache Gavin Khan-McIntyre 2019

Koestler18 Printmaking Songbirds inTree

Koestler18 Silver Mixed Media Yellow Hare Tryptych Gavin Khan-McIntyre 19

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